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Snowicks: Snow Battle

The Snowy Valley is a distant fairytale place covered with eternal snows. The inhabitants of the Valley are snowicks and they are just glad with snow. As they are young at heart by nature, energetic, inventive as well as just great inventors and dreamers, they are constantly playing snowballs and they like this activity so much that it has already turn into real competitions. The main snowball tournament takes place in the Ice Castle but not everyone can participate in it. To win the tournament, a team of snowicks should take part in small battles, improve their skills and collect stars. Every snowick wants to win the Ice Castle tournament therefore they invent various types of snow weapons that help them defeating other participants.


Snowy competition for the best snowick's place in the snowball play

Great time killer

2D action game with RPG elements

Four types of characters

Each with their own bonus

Different types of levels

Ordinary fights, targets, waves, tournaments

Various weapons and ammunition

From simple snowballs to super crossbows

Different types of AI

From beginner to expert

Various bonuses and anti-bonuses

It can turn the tide of battle



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